Swag For A Cause

Get Your Swag On

It is with great pride that Uniform Ready introduces the Swag For a Cause program as we enter our 30th year in business. There is no better way to celebrate success than to give back.  We believe launching our charity is the perfect way to thank our loyal customers. It is our hope that the opportunity it provides brings opportunity to the next generation. 

Uniform Ready offers a one-stop shop, leveraging your existing budget for marketing while fundraising for students. Our Swag For A Cause program provides a custom technology platform with centralized ordering system, ensuring brand consistency and ease of use.



Some might say logoed apparel and goods are trinkets and throw-aways. At Uniform Ready, we see them as tools to give back. Our innovative fundraising program allows community colleges to leverage their existing marketing budget...while raising funds for students. 

Below are a few benefits our technology platform provides:

  • One stop shop for branded merchandise and apparel
  • Centralized ordering through a trusted source
  • Custom website specialized to your unique needs
  • Logo library to ensure proper use of your brand
  • Reduced staff time spent on projects
  • Easy ordering and quick turnaround time
  • Endless creative ideas and sourcing
  • Personalized service

Together we can make a difference. Whether you are looking to raise your hand for your local school or community, our Swag For A Cause program is an easy, cost-effective way to raise needed funds. Your purchases + our donation = the perfect combination to give back.

Uniform Ready founder Colleen Warden is an entrepreneur with a love of learning. As a young woman, she was motivated to put herself through college. Graduating from UCLA proved to be a game changer. Balancing study with a work schedule had it' challenges, but in the end proved to be the investment of a lifetime.  She was the first in her family to obtain a college degree. Achieving this goal gave her a tremendous amount of confidence. It enabled the bold decisions that created a successful branded merchandise agency that became Uniform Ready, Inc.

We feel there is no more appropriate way to make a difference in the lives of others than the gift of opportunity.  Together we can make the dreams of others a reality. Will you join us?

Let’s fund dreams, transform markets and make a difference in our local communities and in turn the world.

I'm in!